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SAP Danger Along with SAP Program Provided Extremely Customers

The actual SAP program offers 4 default customers that include each and every SAP program. The actual 4 regular extremely customers tend to be SAP*, DDIC, Earlywatch, as well as SAPCPIC. These types of customers ought to be purely guaranteed through the SAP Protection Manager. The foundation as well as Protection Managers would be the just customers that understand as well as get access to both of these customers.


SAP* may be the person that’s setup in most customer set up or even duplicate. Simply because this particular person is actually created to the SAP signal, it’s also the only real person that doesn’t possess a person grasp report. This particular person also offers total use of the whole SAP program.

SAP* has got the information SAP_ALL as well as SAP_NEW and it is managed through Foundation. The next duties ought to be finished to be able to correctly safe this particular IDENTITY: (program RSUSR003 may be used to figure out when the default pass word may be changed)

1. Alter the actual pass word since the unique pass word is actually extremely promoted.

two. Produce a person grasp report with regard to SAP*.

3. Make sure SAP* is actually designated towards the person team EXTREMELY in order to alert towards removal or even customization from the person grasp report.

The actual SAP* person should always possess a person grasp report in most customers or else the actual hard-coded pass word with regard to SAP* dominates.

SAP_ALL as well as SAP_NEW SAP Shipped Information

SAP_ALL as well as SAP_NEW tend to be program information supplied by SAP. These people include unhindered authorizations for the whole program, such as the Foundation program as well as all of the programs. These types of information Won’t be directed at any kind of discussion person about the manufacturing program, nevertheless a few FOUNDATION features may need this particular and really should end up being examined situation through situation foundation


Person DDIC is really a SAP provided identifier which arrives regular along with each and every program. In contrast to SAP*, this particular person includes a described person grasp report. DDIC offers unique rights associated with the information book within SAP and it is the only real person permitted to sign in throughout a program update. Consequently, this particular person should be guaranteed towards improper use or even unauthorized entry. This particular person might be required for operating work by way of UNIX (i. at the. not successful carries will need this particular person ID). The next actions ought to be carried out in order to offset the danger associated with person DDIC:

1. Alter the actual pass word since the unique pass word is actually extremely promoted.

two. Make sure DDIC is actually designated towards the person team EXTREMELY.

Anyone ought to be hired because DDIC Manager (Basis or even ABAP/4 group member). Any kind of modifications which have to be designed to the information Book is going to be delivered to this particular individual as well as he/she may result in upgrading the information Book and it is connected paperwork. The foundation group may function because back-up DDIC Manager.


This particular IDENTITY can be used through SAP to investigate the machine. They often make use of this IDENTITY one per year to operate a study that provide them with information how the machine is actually working. Generally this particular IDENTITY offers SAP_ALL as well as SAP_NEW


This can be a conversation IDENTITY and really should get the actual user profile S_A. CPIC. This particular IDENTITY doesn’t need, neither does it possess, SAP_ALL as well as SAP_NEW.