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The Golf Courses are Important Venues in Oakville

There is nothing as deeply satisfying as experiencing nature’s full serenity and panorama. What if you were to plan your wedding or even participate in a golf competition in such a place? Wouldn’t that be an experience of a lifetime? Of course, yes. If you are in Oakville, you can savor such satisfying moments in its rich golf courses. Oakville has set aside huge funds towards the development and advancement of the existing golf courses to make them world class. This makes them suited for holding major golf tournaments, as well as other high profile events, including weddings, conferences and retreats. For a couple who want to have a dream wedding, the wedding venues in Oakville never disappoint, as they are properly equipped and furnished to make your day worth revering.

Golf Tournaments

Golf and country clubs in Oakville are renowned for being homes to the best golf courses in the country. In fact, they are dedicated to the provision of top-notch venues to high-profile tournaments and other tournaments, as well. To add icing to the cake, the facilities are unique to their surroundings and have the ultimate guest service, as well as course conditions.

Another important aspect is the availability of virtually all the amenities requisite for all golf course tourneys, including driving range, locker rooms with all the facilities, adequately equipped Pro Shops, restaurants, pubs that have a courtyard and indoor areas, not forgetting the breathtaking views on selected locations.

Finally, the restaurants encompass tantalizing menus including grand buffets, fine dining, and patio BBQs, amongst others, to ensure that you have a memorable experience.

Wedding venues

The golf courses in Oakville are gifted with panoramic views and natural beauty that makes them ideal for a wide array of events. The most elegant wedding venues in Oakville can be found at some of these golf courses. This is attributable to their superb services and tasteful elegance, not forgetting the gourmet dining services happening in a completely natural setting.

If you have visited some of the golf courses, you will realize that there are staff members that are specifically assigned the duty of ensuring that all your wedding plans and dreams go smoothly. They work with you hand in hand to make sure that you and your guests receive top-notch reception and experiences on your special day. All you have to do is visit their websites and fill out their online wedding request forms to book your place.

To add icing to the cake, the areas for specific ceremonies are set apart; they include the wedding area, the reception area and accommodation areas. Whether you are planning a high-profile event or an invite-only private wedding, the staff is ready to execute your plans.

Finally, all the facilities you could ever ask for are available. The dining area is suited to host all your guests, and is suitably furnished in tandem with your preferred décor. Your guest will also be entertained as they are treated to a fine culinary experience. With the comprehensive menu selections and fine wines, your guests will leave very satisfied.