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Are Your Clients Getting the Best From You?

If you want your business to truly go to new heights, it is imperative that your clients feel like they get first-rate customer service at all times.

The question for many business owners then becomes, how do we make sure our customers never want to go to a competitor?

There are myriad of ways for business owners to accomplish this goal, but it definitely takes a great deal of time and effort.

Given all the choices customers have in today’s business world, stop and ask yourself, are your clients getting the best from you?

Go the Extra Mile for Your Clients

So that you can give your clients many reasons to want to stay with you for years to come, make sure you are doing the following:

  1. Embracing technology – First and foremost, your business can’t run and hide from technology. It is important that you use technology to your advantage, giving clients more offerings and easier times dealing with you via technology. As an example, if you run a salon business, you know that keeping clients moving along on a daily basis is crucial to a winning business situation. In order to make sure that happens, using technology is a big benefit. Using the best in spa software is a great way to make this happen. With the right software program in your hands, you can do your best to make sure clients are reminded of their appointments, therefore greatly reducing the chances they will be late or forget they have a date with you altogether. That same technology can also help you monitor any and all transactions, allowing for an easy end-of-month accounting review. Such technology not only makes their lives easier, but yours too;
  2. Rewarding loyalty – If you’ve been in the salon business or any business for that matter for many years, you undoubtedly have your fair share of clients who have been with you from the start. Such loyalty should always be rewarded, even if it is in the smallest ways possible. For example, you can have a bonus awards program where loyal clients not only get discounts, but first dibs on specials you have involving products and services. This is just a simple means of telling them that they are truly an important part of your business. As newer clients build a relationship with you, the same can be done with them over time;
  3. Being a good listener – One of the biggest gaffes business owners make over the course of their business lives is not always listening to the customer. Sure, you may say you are hearing them, but are you really doing just that? It is imperative that you keep an ear open at all times; listening for any concerns and/or problems they have with your brand. While hearing them in-person is by far the best way to gauge what they think, you can also get a feel for their thoughts by using social media. If you do not already, be sure to set up social media pages, among which should include Facebook and Twitter. Both of these sites (the number one and three top social media sites in the world, respectively) are great for not only promoting your brand, but engaging in conversation with customers. In doing so, you can get a feel for what they are happy about, along with what they’d like to see improve at your business. While consistency in your business is great, being willing to change things up if need be doesn’t always mean disaster;
  4. Smile and saying thank you never hurts – Finally, while smiling and telling your clients thank you should both be part of your daily regimens, it can become easy to forget to do one or both. As a result, some clients may feel at times like you take them for granted. To lessen the chances of that occurring, be sure to remind clients just how important they are to you day after day. In the end, you might be surprised just how far a simple smile and saying the words thank you can go.

As you pack up shop after another long day of work, remember to ask yourself, are your clients getting the best from you?