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Imgur, the great image sharing site and its queen!

Imgur is the leading image sharing community under the niche of image hosting service providers. Sarah Schaaf is regarded as its queen to the Imgurians. But how she received such success in a short period is a maze.

Now Sarah is the voice of many other people under this platform, her Imgur has around 150 millions of users visit each month and it is becoming a behemoth. Large portion of the users are active which is something different to mention. This platform of image sharing was not designed in the way social media like Facebook and Twitter has designed. There were no chances of getting interacted within the friend list or something like that. But it has an awesome strength of image sharing that made it a leader of the day. Now Imgur is talking toe-to-toe with its competitors like Reddit & Tumblr.

It is basically a date driven company and it has a large community that is led by Sarah Schaaf, the sister of the company’s founder Alan Schaaf. They plan to make something different back in 2009, but the plan was not like the way what we can see today. This company was launched in 2009. At that period there were around sixty employees and most of them were new. In the year of 2015 total image viewing has raised to a margin of 25 percent. It was around 60 billion in 2014 and in 2015 it has become around 75 billion. The visitors spend at least three hours or more time here per week and these kinds of visitors are 80 percent of total users. Content of the company has stated becoming more and more popular with its numbers of features.

Imgur is such an entity were people will come and become interacted without being knowing each other before from any community, like Facebook or Instagram. It is really entertaining. People talk about everything here. There is an unwritten rules here suggesting not uploading selfies unless special cases, people are happy with it.

Many comments of this platform might taste and sound toxic but Sarah, the queen of the company is happy with it. She considers it really interesting to get advice from someone she doesn’t even know. This platform is really becoming a place where people can share their real feeling, not based on who they are, rather what the value they are carrying. It has received around 40 million of funding from Andreessen Horowitz. There was a bit contribution of Reddit too.

Imgur is popular for its April fool joking. Back in 2011 a user can add a cat with any of his/her picture with a single click and that went viral. The greatest thing that this company has is it doesn’t possess any geographical boundaries to become connection what every other online giants and social media platforms possesses to some sort, even if they don’t confess. The company is focusing on earning more these days. They already run different campaigns to do that. Back is 2015 there were a get together program of Imgurians held so everyone can come and visit. The entry fee was only 150 dollars and uses of this company responded pretty well. Sarah Schaaf was the planner of that get together program within the community. They did that in California. Now you can find the company went on Television advertising too. Queen Sarah is a friend of the users. She listens and responds to the uses queries. There were numbers of stickers were released from the company last year for the users to entertain them.

For any product or business decision making Sarah plays an anchor role and this is why she is referred as the prime voice. This is why her brother said, he didn’t crown his sister; rather the people did’. Sarah is really passionate to do something new, and to offer something good for user. She really feels for them from inside and this is why she can reflect the Imgurians most.’ Sarah has curly hairs who wear jeans and you might not consider her as the prime user of the site. But the truth is, she wake up in the morning, have her breakfast and start scanning different interesting post and new trends that has the strength to blow.

Author bio:

Kim Algar is a freelance writer at and a student of College of Southern Nevada. He is well aware of contemporary academic writing styles.