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Is Your Website Doing Its Job?

In operating a small business, you have plenty of challenges on your daily plate.

One of those challenges is making sure enough consumers are seeing your company’s website.

Yes, that website is your unofficial brand ambassador.

Yes, while your company can still operate without a formidable website, the task is made all the more difficult.

So, stop for a few minutes in your busy daily schedule and look to see if your website is truly doing its job.

Is Your Site Organized?

In order for your small business to truly benefit from its website, keep these tips in mind:

  • Organization – The top of the list priority is making sure your website is as organized as possible. Face it; most consumers don’t want to land on a site that messy and has the look of something a third-grader put together. In organizing your site, be sure that the flow of it makes sense. Your most important item/items should be front and center on the homepage. From there, you want a nice orderly compilation of items. Lastly, always make sure your company’s contact information is easy to find. One of the more frustrating things for consumers when going to business websites is having to hunt around for contact details, so don’t be one of those companies;
  • Functionality – Does your small business have a proven website? Much of that question can be answered when it comes to the site’s functionality. The most important part of that functionality piece of the puzzle is making sure you are void of pages that do not open and/or crash regularly. If consumers come to your website, only to end up getting “404 error” messages more times than not, there is going to be frustration on their end and rightfully so. That frustration can then easily be translated into moving on to the competition’s sites and doing business with them;
  • Blog – One of the biggest benefits a business owner can receive from their website is what goes on their blog. With a sound blog in place, there is great ability to promote your brand on a daily basis. Use the blog for articles, white papers, videos and more detailing your brand and what it offers consumers. You are also perfectly fine if you welcome authoritative guest bloggers to your site from time to time. Having other perspectives on your industry can be beneficial for your site. With your blog posts, always try and leave a call to action, enticing consumers to want to know more about what you offer and how it can benefit them. Finally, make sure you link out to your blog posts on your social media initiatives (see more below);
  • Social media – Another key to a winning website is making sure your social media icons are front and center. This will make it easy for visitors to your website to find you on social sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, and others;
  • Video promotions – Your website should also offer videos, giving consumers a visual look at all you offer. In making videos, you may opt to have them shot in-house or reach out to a professional video company. Either way, the videos should tell a visual story about your brand. Keep the videos rather short (ones that are too long will tend to lose viewers after a few minutes). Also be sure to make videos that are positive and include happy subjects and people. Face it; not many people want to look at videos of unhappy people discussing troubling subjects. Lastly, videos of your employees and what they do for your brand are perfectly fine to run. When clients have a better feel of whom it is they’re dealing with (putting a face to a voice etc.), the relationship between business and consumer typically blossoms.

Your website has so much ability to bolster your small business on a daily basis, so put it to work for you.

When all is said and done, your website can be the difference between a consumer considering doing business with you and actually doing business with you.

If your website has played a secondary role in your operations up to this point, make it become a focal point moving ahead.