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Advantages Trade Show Marketing

Advantages Trade Show Marketing

Trade shows are a unique way of bringing together businesses, often in a specific industry, to demonstrate and show off their latest products and services.

Trade shows allow industries to meet with partners and customers, while taking stock of what rivals are doing.

Some trade some are not open to the public. These can only be attended by business representatives and the media.

Recent estimates suggest there are close to 15,000 trade shows every year in North America.

Trade shows use exhibition stands or booths to display their products. These stands come in many different sizes and oftentimes have a banner display accompanying them.

While trade shows are usually held in conference centres due to the number of displays and people they can accommodate, a recent trend has seen some shows held at nightclubs and boutiques.

While the earliest forms of trade shows date back to medieval Europe, one of the first truly successful trade shows took place in Paris in 1909.

Six years after the Wright brothers made their ground breaking flight, the first trade show devoted to aviation was held. The 1909 First International Exhibition of Air Navigation attracted nearly 100,000 visitors to see the products from 380 exhibitors, including French-built planes that had set speed and distance records. A display of hot air balloons was also a huge hit with those attending the show.

The event is now known as the Paris Air Show, one of the biggest in the world, has debuted many planes including the Boeing 747 in 1969.

Currently, the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the largest in the world, attracting more than 160,000 visitor annually. It is so big is has about 3.5 kilometres of floor space or the equivalent of 35 football fields.