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Business Drinks? You Could Be Breaking the Law

If you are a business owner, or if you regularly drive out for meetings with clients and partners, it is more than likely that will have experienced occasions where you have a meal and some drinks as part of what you do for your profession. Especially if those drinks came as a surprise, you will probably have had to either risk driving close to the legal blood alcohol limit or had to seek alternative transport to get yourself safely back to your home or hotel.

The problem here isn’t just a matter of inconvenience or the need to cut short what may have been an important evening. A drink driving offence is a serious matter that could land you in jail. But even if a conviction didn’t go that far, just a driving ban could seriously affect your ability to do your job. And this problem goes further.

You could be out with investors trying to garner support for a developing project or enterprise and, conscious of the risks of drink driving, take all the necessary precautions and ensure that you have a taxi service available to get you home in the evening without even ever having to go near your vehicle while still under the influence. But what many people don’t fully appreciate is the danger of still being over the limit the morning after.

If you were to have just four or five pints at, say, around 10 o’clock in the evening, you could still be over the drink drive limit at 8 o’clock the following morning. In fact, almost six thousand Brits fail morning breath tests each year – and with that statistic including just those who have been stopped and breathalysed, this tells us that many more people are over the limit hours after they stopped drinking. You could be one of those people. And if you are required to drive as part of your work routine, this puts you at risk of getting caught by the police – it only needs a faulty light, bald tire or someone going into the back of you, after all, and the police could soon have you needing to speak with your solicitor.

A drink driving offence that goes to court could result in a ban and you not being able to do you work, so if you want to be sure that your work remains unaffected by any drink driving penalty, you need to do to things: take extra care if you rely on your ability to drive in order to earn your living, and know what motor lawyers to turn to should you ever find yourself in difficulty.