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CCTV for Your Small Business – Why it’s worth It

If you’re a small business owner, especially in the retail or hospitality sectors, which are two of the worst affected by crime against business in the UK, then you need to take the security of your business premises and your staff seriously.

While you may think that your business is safe and secure, national statistics show a worrying trend as more and more small businesses are targeted by opportunistic criminals, in spite of overall crime rates against business having decreased since 2013.

Why you should seriously consider installing CCTV in your business premises

There are a multitude of reasons why CCTV makes perfect sense for small business owners to install. Here are just a few of the main ones:

  • CCTV is a 24/7 security solution

  • CCTV is less expensive than security guards

  • CCTV allows remote monitoring of premises, staff, and customers

  • CCTV is considered as one of the strongest deterrents against break-ins

While you may think that installing a CCTV system is overkill in your small business, it’s not. It actually represents an excellent return on your investment, because most criminals will simply pass by your business and dismiss it as a target if they see a CCTV system is active on the premises. Thieves hate being seen breaking in almost as much as they hate being caught in the act.

Another often overlooked benefit, according to Oxford security services, is that CCTV also allows the monitoring of your business premises from a remote location. This can be done either by you or a specialist security firm dedicated to monitoring business premises. Not only does CCTV allow the actual premises to be under scrutiny all day every day – but it can also help deter staff from stealing, or customers from shoplifting, especially in high-value retail outlets. On a more positive note, CCTV can also be used to monitor customer flow throughout the business area which can help plan optimal retail space or improve work productivity.

While a rear entry door hidden in an alleyway can present an ideal opportunity for an opportunistic thief to try their luck at breaking in – if CCTV cameras are present, most thieves will abandon any idea of even trying as they know their actions will be captured and they may be identified from CCTV footage and arrested for attempted burglary.

The benefits of CCTV can’t be overstated, from more secure business premises, to greater sense of security for staff and customers in your business, and not to mention reduce insurance premiums. If you’re serious about protecting the investment you’ve made in your business – then invest in a tailor-made CCTV system for your small business, for greater peace of mind and the various other advantages it offers.