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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Regular check-up of the operating condition of heavy machinery is beneficial in the long term as it helps in lowering the production cost and the reducing the down time of the machines. It also has a positive bearing on enhancing the safety of the environment in which the machine works. In order to keep the production equipment up and working, it has to be ensured that the important elements of the process should be in good working condition.

The most effective way of controlling the operational health of equipment is to check its vibration pattern. Since, high quality data is often needed; analog to digital converters are required to convert analog vibration signals into digital output. This digital output forms the input basis on many critical maintenance forecasting reports. Maintenance forecasting reports are an important part of any production or manufacturing setup because they help in forecasting down time of the manufacturing unit. Without estimated downtime, production planning cannot be done with any sense of accuracy.

Maintenance forecasting is also important from cost control perspective. Equipment, which are big in terms of capital value, needs predictive maintenance o save on replacement cost. Hence, the intensity of condition monitoring is related to cost and value of the asset.

The rotating equipment, shafts, turbines, motors are all vibratory machines and their characteristics of the vibration frequency depends on the speed, structure and the material.

When all these characteristics are aligned properly, these devices produce optimum vibrations. If anything goes awry, then these machines start producing unusual vibration. The unusual vibration recorded by vibration monitoring equipment then act as a signal that something is wrong with the machine. Every industry spends a fortune on predictive maintenance because if you get your predictive maintenance right then you will successfully save tons of money.