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Innovative Entrepreneurial Ideas


New business ideas have flooded the market. Most of the ideas are pretty ordinary but some of them are really good. They are worth taking it to the next level. Co-working space is one such idea which has taken the world by storm. This was an idea which has been originated by many entrepreneurs and all of them have taken it to some success level. There are more than 15 companies or start-ups that are working in the US alone on this idea. Since this is a highly localized business, local presence is a must and all the companies have done well in one geography but floundered in other.

Aeona co-working space is a company which has done very well in this space. They were among the pioneers in co-working space rental model and have gained good benefit out of this business model. What is unique to them is that they act only as a facilitator i.e. they help find their customers other companies who would be willing to share working space with them. The start-up boom has led to a boom in this market because many start-ups are not able to scale their operations to an extent that they will require a full-fledged office. What they have also done is that they have made a low cost model for all customers.

This model is selling like a hot cake because many entrepreneurs do not want to waste their cash, which is a scarce resource for all businesses, in paying huge rental amount. What is more important is that they also save on other overheads such as admin costs and pantry. This business model has caught eyes of many developing word entrepreneurs also and hence many of them have opened similar ventures in their countries such as India.