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Secure the Future of Your Business with a Virtual Office


You’ve started out on the biggest journey of your career so far. You’ve launched your own business. You’re taking advantage of the robust Chinese economy and the wealth of investors in Hong Kong to drive the company forward and implement a plan for future success. The only problem is that your profit margins are narrow and finding an affordable private office lease is proving to be a challenge.

Fortunately, the rise of remote working and flexible business models mean that this isn’t quite the huge obstacle that you might think. If you can’t afford a private lease in a good location, one alternative is to swap it for a coworking arrangement in a truly magnificent one. There are some excellent virtual office facilities in Hong Kong and they can help small businesses to grow and expand.

This guide to making waves in the Hong Kong markets, without the need for costly long-term contracts will help you become an agile, flexible business entity.

Minimal Risk

Rapid success happens with virtual office solutions because younger businesses don’t have to tie up their capital in logistics and basic assets before they’ve even started making any money. Setting up an office or corporate base from scratch is an expensive process. Everything from cleaning services to heating, lighting, furniture, décor, and car parking facilities has to be carefully thought out and managed.

With a virtual suite, all of these things are included in the pay as you go rate. So, you only purchase exactly what you need at the time. For instance, if one week you’re meeting with clients and investors, you can access boardroom spaces, presenting tools, private workstations, and more. If the week after, you’ve got no meetings scheduled, you can strip everything back and pay only for internet access and your phone answering service.

Flexible Staffing Arrangements

Flexible and remote working arrangements can be highly successful for small teams. They minimise the amount of time that is wasted on commutes and they reduce overheads and allow companies to perform nimbly as possible. This is a valuable asset during shaky economic times. While the economy in Hong Kong is currently very stable, investors all around the world get spooked by negative global events.

Being able to adapt to meet the conditions of the market is a necessary part of learning how to survive it. This means having the capital to expand when conditions are fertile. It also means knowing when to streamline resources and how to cut expenses without causing damage to the workforce or the future of the company.

A Solid Reputation for Less

Traditionally, one of the toughest challenges for young businesses has been gaining credibility. In order to make a profit, you need to convince investors that you’ve got what it takes. Yet, the thing that turns heads fastest is money. It is a catch 22 situation if you’re starting out small, because investing capital to make capital isn’t very helpful if you don’t have much, to begin with.

What virtual office solutions provide is a foot in the door. Most startups would never be able to afford these kinds of prestigious corporate addresses via a long term lease. However, they can make pay as you go access a viable, manageable part of their expenses. By eliminating waste and streamlining overheads, it becomes easier to nurture a promising reputation.

How to Find the Perfect Virtual Office in Hong Kong

If you’re interested in viewing a virtual office facility and experiencing coworking environments first hand, you should do a little research on the best providers in the city. Once you’ve reviewed their respective services, it should be clear which one offers the perfect package for your business. All you have to do is get in touch with the provider and arrange an onsite consultation. During this session, you’ll get a chance to tour the facility and ask any questions that you might have about how it operates.