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A List of Critical Factors to Consider when Designing a Roller Banner

The roller banner is an incredibly effective tool. Not only is it a great visual tool for marketing, it is also versatile and portable, which means it can be used for many different occasions. With the right message and with the right graphics, the roller banner is without par. However, it needs to look great and must be designed well; the roller banner that isn’t optimised may actually give the impression that the company or organisation who tries to advertise is unprofessional or dishonest. So how can we ensure that this great marketing tool delivers its promise? Here is a list of critical factors to consider when designing a roller banner.

Think about your message first

You may be tempted to think about the size, the colour, and the graphical aspects of your banner first – especially if you are a visual person – but these are aspects that should be considered later. Think about your message first. What do you want your audience to hear? What information do you want to give? And, even more important: how do you ensure this message is received well by your potential clientele or customers? How do you relate to your demographic?

a-list-of-critical-factors-to-consider-when-designing-a-roller-bannerKeep your message short

It’s normal for a restaurant owner to be proud of the menu – he or she will want to list every single item. However, for banners, that’s cluttering and unproductive. Better to just say “Best fries in town!” Keep your message short and simple. Be bold. Be clear.

Contact details and call to action

Never forget to add contact details – a phone number, address, email, or website. And include a call to action, such as “buy now” or “call us” or “ask us why.” You need your customers to act on the information you provide, as confirmed by banner printing experts such as

The overall design

Once you’ve decided on what kind of message you wish to impart, it’s time to think about the overall design. Keep it simple, as well. Less is often more. Again, be clear.

Colour and graphics

Colour and graphics are important, as they are used to attract the crowd, but they are not the primary concern. They should enhance your message, not distract from it.

One big mistake to avoid is overcrowding your banner with too much information – get rid of the clutter when it comes to text and graphics. Your message should, above all, be clear and to the point. This de-cluttering also applies to the colours you use; stick with a certain theme and keep it simple. Colours and hues are fun but the banner should never be mistaken for a Christmas tree. Be bold, and keep it simple, and your roller banner will attract a large amount of people in a very short time.

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