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How to Choose the Right Packaging Label For Your Products

how-to-choose-the-right-packaging-label-for-your-productsMany consumers say they hardly notice the packaging on a product. But while they may think this is true, the opposite is actually the case – packaging is highly important and it influences purchase decisions. Consumers may not realise it, but they are guided by the style of packaging, colours, fonts, design, and size when they are deciding which product to buy. Labels are an important part of the packaging mix. Choosing the right label for your product is very important. The label is much more than the chance to help consumers tell the difference between products. Custom labels are an essential marketing tool that can really bring your brand to a higher level. Choosing the right type of label is important. Here are a few of the most popular options.

Think Shrink Wrap

Heat shrink sleeves or shrink wrap labels are constructed from a special type of plastic film, which shrinks to fit the form of the container when heat is applied. When you use a heat shrink wrap you have the whole of the product to label, and this can be a good option for perishable food, odd-shaped products, and products where you want to be able to see some of the contents on display. They can cover cartons, drinks containers, and boxes so this packaging label option is very versatile.

Look at Mould Labels

Some packaging labels are moulded onto the outside of the product, which means there is no difference between the label and the product itself. The benefit of this type of label is that there is no way it will fall off when the product is displayed or in transit. You have a good degree of freedom with these labels when it comes to design, and you can fit the label to any kind of product.

Check Out Pressure Sensitive Labels

According to, pressure sensitive labels are applied to the product with a strong adhesive, and are fixed with gentle pressure. These labels are highly popular. Custom printed labels can be designed for any type of product, in any colour and design. Pressure sensitive printed labels can be printed in a large print run or in smaller batches for special offers or specific product lines.

Not every label is suitable for every product or every need, so it is important to investigate the full range of customer labels available when you are deciding how to market and package your product. Some products will need special types of label while others will suit a generic style.

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