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Initial Driver Training with Driving Simulator


Driving is a sophisticated skill. It must be taught and trained carefully to have a good driving skill. More than that, it takes time and experience to master this skill. Driver’s training is more than just teaching about how to operate a vehicle on the street but more importantly, how to become a responsible one when driving a car. Training someone to become a good and responsible driver is not an easy thing. It requires the right method and also experience. That’s why completion of a driving course becomes a compulsory requirement to get a driving license.

There are many driving schools offering courses for initial driver training. Those driving schools have big challenge because they practically train a driver from zero. Their students, mostly teenagers who just reached age limit to get a driving license, are enthusiast with the idea of driving but they can also very reckless. Initial driver training will give them basic knowledge and skill to operate and control the vehicle and how to drive the vehicle on the street safely. That’s very hard indeed because it isn’t only about the skill but also training driving awareness and driving behavior. Driving simulator can be a very useful solution for more effective driving lesson. It will add more time of learning without actually drive real vehicle on the road. Some said that the best way to learn how to drive is by driving it on the road. But this method comes with risks. With driving simulator for initial driver training, it allows students to learn basic knowledge to control the vehicle and how to face different road condition before taking the real road driving training.

How successful initial driver training using driving simulator depends on how advance the driving simulator. It must be able to give real experience of vehicle control and various road condition scenarios. So, it depends on the driving simulator software and also the hardware. Acquiring the right driving simulator system is an important investment for driving school. The Carnetsoft Driving Simulator is one of the best software available in the market today. This software was designed and developed not only for driver training purpose but also for research purposes in the universities. It has advanced features to make it superior compared to other driving simulator software.

For driver training system, Carnetsoft Driving Simulator software offers comprehensive driver training curriculum required to train a skilled and safe driver with the emphasis on responsible driving. It comes with databases of driving simulation on different environments including urban, rural, highway, and many more. Task automation will help students to get the right training and it has visual scanning for behavior during the driving simulation. It helps trainer to track and analyze the development of the students. With this advanced driving simulator, it helps students to build skill and experience so they can be ready for training using real vehicle with even much effective result. Carnetsoft Driving Simulator software is the best solution for driving schools to build a low cost yet highly effective driving simulator system.