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Retail POS System Singapore


Having the right point of sales system is a crucial factor for a retail business. Point of sales is the heart of the retail shop because this is where the transaction actually takes place. Computerized point of sales system is important because it is more than just cashier application and transaction report but also integrated with inventory and business reports. As your retail business grows with multiple cashiers on the shop or even growing into multiple shops in different locations, a reliable point of sales system (POS) is highly crucial.

There are many retail POS systems from many providers. There are big brands offers POS software built in with the cashier machines as well as there are developers offering independent or even custom built POS. It may not be easy to find the right one to adopt in your business. There are many factors to consider. First important factor is whether the system able to deliver the right solutions suitable for your particular type of business. It is related with the type of transactions, inventory system, and others. The next system will be support for the application to make sure it would always work optimally. Another important factor is the price. How much will it cost? Is there any subscription fee for the POS? Well, it’s time to get your free from the dilemma. For the most reliable POS system, you can be sure ZendPos is the best one to choose. This system will help your business to grow.

ZendPos is a highly powerful POS from a developer and provider based in Singapore. For years, this company has been developing the system based on the actual practices and challenges faced by retail businesses in Singapore. The core idea of ZendPos is a modern, clean, professional, and easy to use POS to make it easy to adopt by retail businesses of all scales. There are several factors to make this POS more superior than similar system. First, ZendPos is a web based system allowing setting up a point of sales becomes much easier. This also allows you to access data anytime and from anywhere. As a web based system, it can be easily run from different platforms. Second, this system is highly customable. It can be used in multiple stores and easy setting to add unlimited products and unlimited users while ensuring optimum security. Turning your POS to accept credit card transaction is also made easier.

Another superior quality offered by ZendPos is great after sale support. The support system from this company is designed to make sure the POS system will always run optimally. Remote desktop support from team of technician is available 24/7 as well as email and phone service during office hour. You can find more detailed information to learn from ZendPos website or you can also contact its customer service to get to know how this application can help running your business more efficiently with precision data recording and analysis. The best POS system is Singapore? ZendPos is the definitely the one.