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Why Looks Matter When Trying To Land A Job

Majority of us are aware that first impressions last a lifetime, which is why job candidates should invest some time and energy into dressing themselves for a job interview. Depending on the job position and a company’s corporate culture, it is best to make a first impression in formal attire unless instructed otherwise by a company advisor.

One skill that every professional should be comfortable with is dressing for interview. It is important to present yourself in a manner that would reflect a business attitude and convey that you can get the job done.

Clothes make the man, says one adage. In the world of job interviews, it can make or break your chances for employment. Keep in mind that your outfit is one of the first things that the interviewer will notice once you step into the office. There are also certain characteristics in your clothing that could give the interviewer an idea about your personality. If there’s a time when you should dress for success, this is it.

Here are some interview dressing tips that if followed can give successful job and enhance your career.

How to dress for an interview- don’t try with ill-fitted, unappealing apparel, you surely won’t get this job. Neither would strut right into a conservative office environment in stiletto heels and a flamboyant top. Understand exactly where you are interviewing and then for the kind of job position and subsequently dress appropriately.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you want to make sure you dress appropriately. This means buying or renting a suit for men and a business suit or a nice (conservative) dress for a woman. Now, this is going to change a little from situation to situation, but in general, you want to err on the side of caution. So, you can never be too conservative. If you think a piece of your outfit is over the top – it probably is.

Make sure your hair is well groomed- A hairstyle can be a wildly subjective part of an individual, so at the very least you need to make sure it is very clean and also tidy, with a minimum of product in use.

  • Shoe polish – This may not seem to be a big deal, but it is. Many employers always look for a well-disciplined worker to fill their position or vacancy. Having polished shoes is a sign that you are taking your interview seriously and that you are able to do the tasks which are given.
  • Women, avoid extra-long nails and gaudy nail polish. A basic red is acceptable in most circumstances, as is clear. Regardless of color, make sure your nails are trimmed and neat.
  • Men should wear a simple, dark suit that fits properly. Try on the suit in advance of the interview day to make sure it still fits. If not, you’ll need to replace it. The suit should be pressed and not wrinkled. This is the same for the soft coloured shirt. Stay conservative – this is not the time to pull out the holiday ties or brightly colored shirts.
  • Make up is best when kept simple. A base foundation, mascara and lip gloss can make a great impact. If ladies choose to use more products, pay attention to the colors and the amount applied, no employer wants to see a face hidden or melting in front of them.
  • Jewellery is another fraught issue where the rule is the less the better. Do not wear dangly earrings, multiple rings or clattering, dangly bracelets or necklaces. It should not need to be said that shoes should be polished and again fairly conservative, so avoid platforms and ultra-high heels and bags should be neat and small, although it is also acceptable to carry a document case for papers, notes and a pen.
  • The interview is one situation where the extremes of fashion or casual dress rarely, if ever, have a place so wearing multiple piercings, screaming scarlet spiky hair and thigh high miniskirts or ultra-tight jeans will do a candidate no favours at all.

In conclusion, you need to have a good look whenever you are trying to land to a job because there are certain presentations which might give the employer a negative picture about you and also the performance of duties.