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Manage your mails by PostScanMail

Almost every person have once or more than once in his life gone through the agonising process of receiving a late mail and in worst conditions, not at all. This could happen based on the number of reasons, like when you are out of town for some work done and in the meanwhile an important mail is being dropped off in your mailbox, which you have no clue about and wouldn’t know until you get back home and sometimes we are too late in opening those mails. And the worst of all, the curse of not receiving a mail at all could occur when you have a certain mail address given to the people and you have to change your home but you forget to update your address at some places. This and many other reasons can thus cause troubles for you.

Role of virtual mailbox

To understand the role of the virtual mailbox you first need to know what a virtual mailbox is. Virtual mailbox is a company or any website or brand that receives, secures and then notify you about them on the time. You just have to change your mail address to the address they provide to you then you can have immediate access to all of your emails. For example, if you are out of town and in meantime a post is delivered to them and then they will scan that mail for you and notify you immediately on your phone and computer as well.

Process of virtual mailbox

Virtual mailbox is the easiest to be used. This process involves you first signing up to the virtual mailbox and setting the postal address of the virtual mailbox or any that is provided by the company. As soon as the virtual mailbox is converted into your postal address the whole process start. Every time a mail of yours is dropped off in one of your new postal boxes also known as virtual mailboxes the company or website will take the picture or scan them in order to send a notification to you about what to do with these days mails. Now the decision is yours either you want to make them scan and send the whole mail for you or they can also store, recycle and shred.


To prevent the theft you need to fill out the postal consent paper in which you are allowing them permission to have an access to your mails and this has to be first approved by the US postal service to make sure no one is having an illegal access to your mails. Virtual mailbox then after US postal service can have all the access they want to your mails.

Options with virtual mailbox

Virtual mailbox can help you in a number of ways regarding your arriving mails. Following are the some of the options a person can consider to do with his or her mails

  • One of the options is that if you can’t reach home and need that document that had been just posted to you can make the company scan and sent the document to you immediately.
  • Or they could just forward the mail to you.
  • All the important mails can also be stored for you as well
  • And also if you don’t want the document anymore you can delete then with your online account and thus that mail would be discarded.

All these things help us understand the concept of virtual mailbox better.