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Successful investment in gold requires the correct bullion products

With the rise of modern technology and the internet, we are now more than ever able to use this to our advantage in trading stocks, currency trading, investing in bonds and even buying property. While there has been a boom in all these sectors in terms of popularity since the rise of the internet, it is important not to forget about traditional investment methods, mainly gold and silver, as ways to diversify your investment portfolio.

Investing in gold has become more complicated since the rise of the internet however, many banks, investment firms and advice websites recommend buying gold in the form of gold company and mining stocks along with direct investment via the floating world gold price variant of GOLD stocks.

While these methods seem easy to take part in, it never replaces the true value of actually holding physical gold and silver. There is often a lot of risk associated with investment in digital methods of gold leverage, and there is no proof any gold even exists that you are purchasing. For this reason, the best method to own gold and silver is still physically, in the form of gold bullion, gold jewellery, gold coins and gold granules.

When it comes time to sell gold jewellery, gold bullion or gold coins, the process is simple and easy, you just need to find the best gold trader in your region who will match the current world gold price as closely as possible, and you can immediately redeem your gold for regular currency whenever required. This method serves well as the gold price is easy to keep track of, and your return will be based on the actual metal value, not the production by a specific company, and you can be assured what you own has absolutely true intrinsic value.

To invest in gold, the best method is to find gold trading companies offering gold for the lowest premium above the world price. There are a variety of ways to invest in gold, such as gold bars and coins which often have a fixed market price, sometimes however, buying second hand gold jewellery off regular people can mean you are able to obtain gold at below the actual world gold price.

Ensure you deal with reputable companies when buying gold

Gold to the customer without knowledge can be a risk if you are unsure what you are buying is actually true gold. There are a number of fake gold bullion products on the market produced in countries such as china, they appear real, but are in fact replica products. While it is often law that replica products are marked as such, many are not. These items are filled with tungsten and have been a problem for gold traders for over 100 years.

In order to ensure the gold you are buying is real, if you are buying gold jewellery, purchase a filing tool and grind down a section of the metal to the centre, if the item remains the gold colour all the way through, it is not gold filled or gold plated.

When buying bullion which is often sealed and looses its investment value if damaged, to avoid being ripped off search for a number of trustworthy bullion dealers in your region, this may mean purchasing interstate via phone or the internet, but by dealing with a reputable trader you will ensure you receive the true product.

Buying well known minted products from these reputable companies is also a good way to protect your investment, the main minting companies with high trust globally are Perth Mint, PAMP Bullion and investment purpose issue coins from global federal banks.

One association where you can find reputable names for gold bullion products is the London Bullion Market which is also referred as LBMA. They provide the best advice on quality of bullion bars and ensure you know who to trade with.