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Common International Shipping Issues

If your business has been on the lookout for a remarkable and reliable shipping service company offering cheap courier to Canary Islands, you may be thrilled to find out that your search is over – right here, right at this second.

As a small business owner who has been trying to embrace the globalization world by accepting international buyers, I know very well the importance of reliability and quality of a delivery service company. Not only that, I am also aware of the struggle to find the one that offers a great service while at the same time charging a fair shipping cost in return. This is where it gets complicated, the more expensive the shipping fee is, the less likely our customers would like to purchase our items. This is not a rocket science, who would pay twice as much as the items they purchased? On top of that, reliability and speedy service are also an issue. Especially when you are trying to send a package to a destination in which isn’t as popular as other parts of the world – trust me you would have better luck finding reliable shipping companies to have your package delivered to an address in Paris than to Canary Islands.

More often than not, a shipping company would agree to have it delivered in 4-business days – or so it claimed. But in reality, there would be some issues to sort out beforehand and that would most likely result in your items being held off in the facility longer than their initial claim. All of these issues may negatively affect our business, our customers often do not want to know the problem lies in the shipping company, all they know they do business with you and your business is at risk of being mistaken as a fraud. This nightmare can now be avoided, and it’s all thanks to CourierPoint’s cheap international courier services.