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Get Instagram followers with These Quick Tips

There are so many Instagram users that it can be difficult to cut through all the noise. If you get more targeted Instagram followers, more people will see your posts and other Instagrammers will take notice. Following are a few proven quick tips that will help you get Instagram followers quickly, in spite of the noise.

Instagram Success = Quality and Quantity
The key to Instagram success is quality and quantity. The photos and videos you post must be of the very best quality. Low-quality posts won’t impress potential followers. You should also post often enough to remain engaging and entertaining, but not so often that it ends up being annoying.

Use Popular Hashtags
Hashtags make it possible to search specific themes and view photos that have applied a common hashtag. When you use the popular ones, other hashtag enthusiasts can end up seeing your post linked to that hashtag. When this happens, they’ll be compelled to look at what you posted, especially if the photo or video you posted is great. This will grab the attention, helping you get Instagram followers quickly. Some of the most popular hashtags include picoftheday, photooftheday, follow, like and smile.

Get Local Attention- Use Geotags
If you geotag the photos you upload with a location, others browsing for photos in your area are more likely to see them. Instagram, provides every defined location with its own page. All photos that are taken at the defined location can be accessed from that page which means that anyone who takes a photo of the same location will be able to see yours on the location page, along with their own.

NOTE: Don’t geotag photos of your home because everyone will be able to see the location.

Use Filters Sensibly
Instagram filters have given users the tools they need to turn their photos into creative and stylish, professional looking posts. Instagram provides a variety of filters and you’ll want to take the time to test them out. Instagram filters can make or break a post so use them sensibly. Popular filters include X-Proll, Normal, Hefe, Valencia, Amaro, Earlybird and Rise.

Post During Peak Times
Photos posted on Instagram only have a lifespan of 3 to 4 hours before they disappear. By posting when the most people are on, you’re more likely to get more random viewers and prospective followers than you would other times of the day. Take the time to review precisely what times you receive the majority of interactions and post during those times consistently.

Verify That Your Account is Set to “Public”
If you want to get Instagram followers – beyond your “friends”, make sure your account is set to “Public”. Private accounts rarely gain followers because only your friends will be able to find you or view your followers prior to becoming one as well. This will make your profile look empty and boring.

As you start to use the quick tips listed here, keep in mind that to get Instagram followers, there’s no substitute for consistently posting creative, engaging and relevant images that your audience will appreciate. Also, it’s important to remember that engagement should always be your primary goal.