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WLtoys V977 Power Star X1 6CH 2.4G Brushless 3D Flybarless RC Helicopter without Transmitter

The helicopter WLtoys V977 is great for beginners because it has 6G setting rendering it a great learning tool. In the other hand, additionally it is a very beast flybarless helicopter, very fun and challenging quadcopter. This helicopter is perfect for indoor flights but can also take flight outside if the blowing wind is low. The gyroscope has 6 axis, the helicopter is very constant in the air though it is flybarless.

Flybarless helicopter V977

WLtoys V977 is flybarless but what will that mean? The Fly Bar makes the helicopter very stable in the air. So a Flybarless helicopter is an extremely challenging one! For experts, flybarless with 3D function is the perfect combination for having very fun and strong flights! You could flip, stunt, hurricane and enjoy aerobic flights.

Helicopter with Brushless Engine

This helicopter WLtoys V977 has a great feature: its main engine is Brushless ! Which indicate the helicopter is very durable, no subject how many flights you choose to do with it. Its tail motor is brushed.

Very powerful and fast helicopter

The WLtoys V977 is a very beast helicopter! Its light combined with the brushless motor helps it be very powerful and fast. The very best but not the least, the helicopters V977 is very soft. You will enjoy journey this small parrot!

WL Gadgets V977 2.4GHz 6Ch Flybarless RC Helicopters RTF – Brushless

The improved brushless motor unit on the WLtoys V977 has been matched up with an improved higher capacity 450mAh power supply that pumps more power in to the motor. This isn’t the only real impressive feature on this model. The helicopters has the ability to turn between 6 axis and 3 axis gyro setting appealing to both intermediate and experts equally. Utilize the 6 axis steadiness model when learning and then swap to 3 axis expert setting if you are prepared to take more control yourself. This mode allows for full aerobatic trip including tick-tock’s, inverted journey, funnels and flips to mention a few! Another nice feature is that when inverted usually all the settings on the helicopter are reversed, nevertheless, you can turn on headless function to keep carefully the same route control when flying inverted and that means you will not feel lost in orientation.

The two 2.4GHz 6Ch transmitter lets you switch between different settings easily and has a big LCD screen which allows you to view the current configurations and also make alterations to the helicopters trims.

WLtoys V977 has a shockproof design with powerful materials used to help handle light collisions. WLtoys V977 is a RTF (prepared to fly) program which is fantastic for those who are new to 6Ch collective pitch helicopters. Rather than messing with settings and other complicated guidelines, you can concentrate on your flight talents right from the package. However, it also allows the more experience pilot the capability to fully modify their flying tastes. Don’t let how big is this palm size helicopter fool you, it’s capable of big things!

Top features of Cheerson CX-20

The business Cheerson was at first known as a company that produces low end quadcopters for the mass people. Their quadcopters were always at a very good price along with limited features. Just lately Cheerson said that they can bring professional quadcopters in to the industry and the quadcopters will have a great entrance price. Cheerson Multicopter is a losing proof of that assertion as this quadcopter has almost everything that you want in a great price. Please be aware that the quadcopter will not feature a camera. It includes a removable camera mount and you’ll have to buy a separate camera to fit into this quadcopter. You could go for a GoPro too if you want. The mount is sufficient to aid all models. Let’s have an in depth look at a few of the important features of this quadcopter.


The lithium battery is truly a really strong one. The electric battery is obviously standard rechargeable and it is 11.1V, 2700mAh in conditions of ability which is good. The battery includes the quadcopter nevertheless, you can buy a separate battery place and use them together if you wish to journey more. The power will take around 2 hours to get completely priced which is a bit more than the regular quadcopters.

Flight Time

Though the company says you’ll get a air travel time of around 18 minutes, it really is 15 to be precised. Yes, you might get 18 if the breeze and almost every other thing is positive but it might be smart to say that the air travel time is quarter-hour per power, per charging which is great.


You do not have to truly have a prior knowledge of drones and quadcopters or to read a Cheerson X-20 review to figure out that the transmission of the product is great. Most quadcopters that we review has great transmitting technology plus they all are really same to be honest. You will discover four different channels plus a 2.4GHz consistency which can make sure the quadcopter is definitely hearing your instructions.


This is actually the big negative part of Cheerson CX-20. This model will not come with a built-in camera. It only includes a removable camera mount which is designed to be fastened with any sort of camera including GoPro models. Most customers who use this model will have installed GoPro with it but this will depend your decision at the end of the day.

Controller Cheerson CX-20

The controller offers a range of around 500 meters which is fantastic. Though the controller will not watch out of the world in terms of design but it can work and it works fine. The controller is simple to control as there aren’t a lot of options there. The responsiveness is pretty good too.


This is a feature of Cheerson Multicopter that stood out while we were playing around with Cheerson CX-20. The quickness is very good and you’ll hardly visit a quadcopter that can run this fast. The maximum speed of this model is 22 kilometers per hour and it can certainly get videos of rapid racing, bi-cycle races and similar stuff with that speed.