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France’s Largest E-Commerce Player Considers Using Drones

France’s largest e-commerce player, Cdiscount, is the latest to consider using drone technology to drive their business forward. So what are the benefits of using drones, and what can we see them doing in the future for our warehouses?

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Ideas for Usage Now

Cdiscount are currently working on an application to enable them to use drones for stock-checking purposes. The idea is to create a net with beacons and sensors which can scan stock in a warehouse or given place, ultimately taking humans out of the equation. The benefit of this advanced method of stock-taking is that the process can be carried out at night. The company will also be cutting down on costs, and there will be less room for human error. However, there are number of obstacles still to overcome.

Looking to the Future

Cdiscount have made significant progress with their drones plans, and one ambitious goal on the horizon is to use the devices for a Click and Collect service, whereby parcels can be dropped and collected from specific collection centres dotted around the country. One of the big attractions of drones to the company is to allow items to make their way from warehouse to a location near to their customer in super-quick time. And it’s not only Cdiscount that are adopting the technology: Amazon have also test-driven drones as delivery drivers.

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Obstacles to Consider

The main obstacles for companies like Cdiscount and Amazon include the weight that drones can carry – these companies couldn’t rely solely on drones for deliveries because they can only carry products weighing in less than 5kg. Also, in addition to the cost of installing the number of drones they’d need, it is uncertain how exactly drones will accurately count stock sitting on a warehouse shelf. Each and every warehouse has a different layout and pallet racking system, so drones would need to be individually programmed to perform these tasks. If you are a warehouse owner in Ireland looking for new storage solutions, check out

The reality is that companies would find drone deliveries to exact locations extremely difficult, but the idea of having Click and Collect points does seem a likely prospect. Until further testing is done on installing drones in warehouses, it is impossible to know if they can successfully take the place of staff.