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Three Reasons Why Using Temp Agency Will Be the Best for Your Company


Although working with permanent staff is the best option, there are many reasons why a company will need to look for a temporary worker from a temp agency. Maybe it is because someone in your office takes maternity leave or your company is underemployed but you don’t have enough budget to pay a permanent staff. No matter what your reason is, there are times temporary agency can be a real life saver. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to call temp agency when you need it.

A Chance to Test the Employee

You definitely want to work with a permanent staffs that know what they are doing. Sometimes, a simple curriculum vitae and interview cannot really tell what a person is capable of. They need to show their skill first to ensure you that they are the right person for the position. Getting a temp worker from a staffing agency will allow you to do that.

Instead of hiring someone blindly, the agency can choose someone who will matches your criteria. Once the person starts them job, you can judge them based on their skill as well as how well they adapt to your working environment. If you like their performance, you can offer them permanent position.

Improve Business Productivity

There are times when your company is blessed with plenty of projects. While it is true that this situation will bring more income for your company, it also means that your staffs need to work overtime to finish the job. Unfortunately, exhausted staff is not a good recipe for increasing productivity. Furthermore, hiring new staffs for a project that will not exist every day is definitely not a good option financially. This is where hiring temp worker will be the best solution. You will have some extra hands to finish the project faster and in the same time, your staff will not get overworked.

Reduce Cost

It is true that the more experienced staff you have, the more productive your company will be. However, it is not the best way to save cost. Hiring new permanent staff will put burden in your company’s finance because you also need to pay for their health benefits and other stuff. But it is different when you are hiring temporary worker. You are only paying them for what they do as long as you need them. It is not your job to pay for their health and other benefits which can really help you reduce cost without sacrificing productivity.