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QuickBooks Barcodes

Label Connector for QuickBooks

I am a huge supporter of QuickBooks as it has done so much for the entrepreneurs everywhere, but just the same I wanted to provide some information about printing Barcodes in QuickBooks, understanding some of the limitations and finding more a more powerful solution, if you need one.

I will mention again at the risk of repeating that when it comes to giving you very powerful software to get your small to medium Business off the ground , and giving you everything you need to get started and well beyond we think QuickBooks has done a great job. However, like any ERP system , if you need something very specific , and if you need more power and flexibility in some particular areas we think there is a place for Bolt on Applications.

One area that we hear a lot of interest in is the ability to print Barcodes ( Barcodes and QuickBooks). Especially to be able to print more complex Labels of various types that have many data elements on them, and still make use of all that great data that you have farmed in QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Enterprise.

What QuickBooks CAN ( and can not) do

If you have already been experimenting with QuickBooks Enterprise and the Advanced inventory /Barcode Module you can find QuickBooks Barcode Printing Capability under File=> Print Forms=> Labels

Figure 1:

Printing Item Labels results in a job that looks like below:

Figure 2:

Additionally you can print item Labels if you go to: ( In QuickBooks)

Reports=> Inventory=> Item Barcodes

Figure 3:

What we hear from users

Although this may get the job done for some users what if you need a more complex label that contains information about information on a Sales Order, Invoice or even information from the Item definition defined in QuickBooks?

See these examples of what can be done with an “Add On” :

What if you need the capability of a full blown Label designer and the ability to print data and labels from QuickBooks Invoices, QuickBooks Sales Orders, QuickBooks Purchase Orders, Receipts, and Item Custom fields?

( as shown in Figure 3 below. )

Figure 3:

Get more done each day

It’s time to leverage and make use of all that great data you already have in QuickBooks.

Since you trust your order entry and Invoicing staffers to enter data accurately why not make use of all that data you have farmed in QuickBooks to print your Labels without the work of re-typing all the data into another Labeling system?

We suggest using Label Connector for QuickBooks from Accuware.

with Label Connector for QuickBooks you can simply enter the order number and press print and out come all the Labels for an order! Once it is set up and configured it’s just that easy. If your more basic operators need something quick and easy , but you still need the Accuracy of the data already in QuickBooks this is a great tool. You can use Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase orders , Receipts or simply use the Items list itself.

Figure 4:

If you wish to print QuickBooks Inventory labels.. you can search the item list for any QuickBooks Item. ( see Figure 5 below) All wild card type searches that are supported in the QuickBooks Item list are supported. Print to any Label printer or document printer that you use or wish to use.

Figure 5:


Our testing of Label Connector for QuickBooks found that it was power and very easy to use once it was set up and configured. The nice part is they include installation and configuration for free.

To get more information about pricing and capability go here and fill out the brief inquiry form or give them a call at: 1-888-732-0500.