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Which CPQ Software is Right for You?

For you to come to the point where you are looking for CPQ Software, you must have heard all the positive reports and possibilities this software can deliver to your team. From the reviews and one-on-one confessions from people at the center of selling processes, this software has the ability to create efficiency, speed, and accuracy in sales quotes preparation.

The only point of concern you should have as a business is the capabilities of the various software in delivering real benefits to your quoting and product configuration process. If this is the reason why you are looking for the best CPQ Software, below are some considerations to make when choosing your CPQ solution.

Does It Make Financial Sense?

Making sure it makes financial sense is a rather straightforward question that drives your decision right into the affordability of the software. There are CPQ solutions out in the market which offer flat fees which you pay upfront while others are priced in monthly fee terms. Value for money should be the guiding principle when purchasing your software. Look at the features you are buying in the software and whether you need them. Project how the software fits in your organization and how well it blends with your long-term goals.

Ease of Communication with Your Team

The essence of CPQ Software is to make the somewhat complicated sales quoting process much quicker, simpler, more trackable, and intelligent. Good CPQ solutions from companies like iQuoteXpress include guided selling which simplifies the selling process and creates a collaborative environment for all involved. If the software you are buying into doesn’t make for easy communication, then you need to keep looking because this won’t assist your team.

Enhances the Sales Process

Studies done on CPQ Software have shown that they can make for quicker sales, improved renewals, and better paydays. However, this is only possible if your sales team understands how to use the software correctly. The CPQ solution should be accompanied by staff training as well as support to each member of staff so that they can excel in whatever they are doing.

If you find the CPQ is making the entire sales process cumbersome and hinders the talents and potentials of your sales team instead of enhancing them, there is a chance you have picked the wrong software. The best approach is to include your team members in the tutorials and demos the CPQ vendors offer.


It is not uncommon for the CPQ Software solution to come with capabilities and components right out of the box. However, the litmus test is in the customization. The solution should not just fit into your current business structure, but also should be able to scale along as your organization grows. You can’t afford to jump ship into another CPQ solution down the road. This will squander all the effort and time your team has put into understanding and familiarizing itself with the previous solution.

Finally, the CPQ solution should be able to integrate perfectly with the rest of software you have in your business such as CRM. This will prevent the unnecessary time wastage and cost your team and organization incurs in operating multiple pieces of software.