Daily Archives: January 14, 2018

Video Can Improve Conversion Rates

Embedded videos have become a popular online marketing tactic and many business owners report significantly improved conversion rates. Videos can quickly and convincingly showcase a product or service and allow the use of humor much better than text. And funny videos may go viral, just think of the Squatty Potty or Old Spice videos.

There’re a few things to keep in mind. On average it takes about 5 seconds for a viewer to decide whether to watch a video or not. Make sure that your video captures the viewer’s attention right away! For example, it can be emotionally appealing and relatable, or it can offer instructions and teach new skills. It’s important to inform in a unique and exciting way what the video is going to be about in just a few seconds. When this is out of the way, and you know how to inspire interest, think of the technical aspects. High quality is important, so consider location, light, sound and good editing tools. There’s no perfect formula for a great marketing video, just try different things and be creative.

There are some free options to embed videos on a web page, such as utilizing YouTube. This is perfectly fine for small businesses with a very limited marketing budget. However, using a custom video player like BOSS would be ideal. It is not the cheapest option, but it allows for much better customization, such as embedding links, which in turn could yield the best results in terms of conversions. Also, for high-end brands and products, using YouTube videos would look cheap and clash with an upscale brand’s image.

And as always when it comes to conversions, testing different versions of an ad or a video is crucial. There is no way of knowing which version converts better until you actually test it. Among other things, you should test the length of the video and the call to action.