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k-Space in-situ metrology tools

k-Space integrates a large variety of analytic services and tools for thin-film metrology. Depending on the nature of your industry’s requirements, general or specific, k-Space will customize its approach to fit your needs. With k-Space, the newest technology tools and computer system at your immediate use will provide your engineers with control over every aspect of thin-film analysis. Many of today’s cutting-edge devices are designed with built-in stress within the individual layers for delivering exact attributes. Nonetheless, undesired changes can happen at any stage. Conventional methods of ex-situ stress measurement can only deliver results after the process is done.k-Space will assist you to take advantage of its world-class tools to obtain precise thin-film stress measurement, wafer bow tilt, curvature and height evaluation for real-time process control.
Act until it’s too late – manage your thin-film stress in real time with k-Space technology!