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What Makes Quarterly Business Review No Longer Relevant


It’s the final week of March and that means the first quarter of the year is ending soon. In business world, it is time to review the business performance of the first quarter. As account manager, you know very well what that means. You need to start working of business review and present it to the client. It is very important to make sure the clients get the comprehensive review and more importantly, a good report as every client ever wants.

But it was years ago when the business is still run old fashioned. Quarterly Business Review (QBR) was very vital instrument since business performance review was made every quarter to meet the demand of board meeting which also organized every quarter. But that time business operation was still rigid and not networked. With the communication technology still limited, QBR becomes an important opportunity for account managers to meet their clients to report and get feedback. These days, business world is significantly different. Thanks to advanced information technology allowing fast and real time communication as well as advanced networking in business. Information runs faster than before and it makes business operation more dynamic. Younger generation business executives are less formal and have a little interest on very formal business meeting. Business report becomes more likely on demand. It must be ready when it is demanded and yes, that means QBR is no longer relevant. Why would a client need to wait QBR meeting when they can get monthly business report or even track business performance weekly or daily?

As the business world are changing to a new perspective, business professional must be able to adapt to these changes. Account managers need a better solution to meet the demands of the clients. Managing client relationship becomes more and more crucial and strategic but it is always started with the same question: “What are the client’s strategic goals and how do you able to serve what they want?” Kapta offers the best solution for account manager to optimize relationship with high profiled and most important clients. Kapta is an enterprise platform for Key Account Management. It is designed to provides account managers with key customers to work together and better manage success plan and expectations. With this platform, account managers can focus on accounts that matter the most, giving them what they deserve, while not ignoring the rest accounts.

Kapta maximizes flow of information ensuring account manager to keep track on works and activities, and link it to key customers’ most important business goals. The progress can be tracked down and reviewed real time. There will be no need for QBR because not only the account manager but the key customers also has high visibility of business progress on time. This offers full transparency to customers and it’s another good value to deliver to customers. Kapta is offering more than just advanced machine learning and state of the art algorithm. It creates real relationship with the customers ensuring the goals can be achieved. Learn more about Kapta and how you can adopt it to your business organization.