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Virtual Value: Why a Virtual Office Can Make All the Difference to a Business


Singapore’s rich, diverse population gives rise to an economy that welcomes innovation and enterprise. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur starting a new venture, you might find the city-state’s flexible business climate attractive. However, like many business owners, traversing the complicated office lease might be difficult for some.

Finding office space in Singapore’s lucrative economic market is very possible. Additionally, alternatives to the traditional office lease allow a little more flexibility in budgeting for office space. The virtual office, for one, is a less expensive option to conventional office leases. Essentially, virtual offices provide professionals with office space (meeting and conference rooms) and other office amenities. Check out Servcorp Singapore’s site at to see how a virtual office works.

To learn more about how virtual offices can benefit your business, continue reading below.

Low Overhead

One of the game changers for professionals looking for affordable office space is the fact that the virtual office can save you thousands in overhead yearly. Because you only are renting office space and amenities, you do not incur costs as it relates to furnishing and staffing an office, costs related to the maintenance of the building, or costs needed to relocate. Simply put, renters get one bill at the end of the month, and that bill is much less than the numerous ones they would get through a conventional lease.

More Flexibility

Most conventional leases ask you to commit to at least a year’s contract, and for bargain rates, you have to commit to as long as five years. However, with the virtual office, professionals have the option of committing to a term that is as little as a month. This provides you with more flexibility because you are not locked into a lease, and if you need to scale down or expand your business, you can do so quickly and without the hassles associated with breaking a lease.


The flexibility in not being forced to commit to a lengthy lease is not the only reason the virtual office can change a lot for your business. This office plan also allows for your business to grow as you attract more clients. For example, if you open up shop with the virtual office, and within a few years, you find your business needs an executive suite or serviced office, then your lease can be modified to meet the demands of your business. Essentially, the virtual office allows you scalability by providing you with a way to smoothly transition your outfit into suitable office space.


The greatest benefit of the virtual office to your business is the fact that it provides you with the ability to move around, and more importantly, expand into new markets. With the virtual office, you could essentially test out new markets without the expense of having to rent space for a season at a higher rate. If you decide to relocate, it is simply a matter of finding another office in your new location, as many of the larger office solutions companies offer transferable leases that can accommodate your business’s needs in other locations.


Most organisations who adopt this office plan work remotely (at home) with some interaction online. However, through their video-conferencing and meeting rooms, you can schedule a face-to-face meeting to get the gang together for team building. While technology has made business so convenient to the point of not having to be in the presence of your employees, sometimes you just need to be in the same location to discuss the business of your business, and virtual office plans can help you do this inexpensively.

Changing The Odds With The Virtual Office

Whether you are at the beginning of your business venture or building momentum, the virtual office can really make the difference in your success because of its versatile uses. This flexibility saves you thousands yearly in terms of overhead and travel. More importantly, it makes doing business in Singapore’s high profile business environment more accessible.