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Five Ways to Dominate as a Recruiter

Recruiting is a multi-billion-dollar industry, which means there are loads of recruiters out there vying for a leading position or simply trying to be better than the next guy, so how can you possibly make a name for yourself in such a saturated industry?

Truthfully, you are headed into a tornado of competition no matter what industry you work in, and recruiting is no exception. But whether you are searching for ways to shake things up or are just beginning your journey, there are a number of different ways in which you can approach your recruitment agency business model. Listed here are five ways by which you can strengthen your business and develop better relationships with your clients to generate long-term success.

  1. Specialization

You may think that being all-inclusive is the way to get the most business, but this isn’t necessarily the way to keep business. Recruiters often claim expertise in a whole list of industries, but unless you have staff dedicated to each one or have extensively studied each one yourself, it can be difficult to accurately call yourself an expert. More importantly, choosing to generalize instead of specialize will ultimately reflect in the quality of service that you provide.

On the other hand, you can choose to offer top-quality service in a single industry as opposed to mediocre service in ten different industries. As you gain the confidence of clients, develop the reputation of being a genuine expert, and ultimately grow as a recruitment agency, you can then think about exploring other industries.

  1. Narrow It Down Even Further

Consider going deeper than industry specialization and find a focus area in that particular industry. Your business relies on your relationship with clients, and the best to develop a strong connection is by knowing your stuff.

If you can manage to be the best in a particular field, your clients are going to continue to return for advice and consultations, not to mention spread the word about your exceptional quality of service. The more knowledgeable you are, the more likely people are to come to you for information, and when you consistently deliver, your business will reap the benefits.

  1. Aim for Exclusivity

Building on the previous points, take the time to work with your best clients so they remain exclusive to you. Yes, it’s important to funnel in new business, but it’s also important to focus on your existing clients, namely the ones who are loyal to you and your recruitment agency.

You need to build relationships, and this combined with your expertise should give your clients a reason to stay. Work with your clients to resolve issues and provide continuous guidance, and pay attention to the clients who are seeking service elsewhere. Often times, clients will dish out job specs to multiple recruiters, and you can also benefit from ditching these clients to retain a more reliable and solid client base.

  1. Go Out of Your Way

The recruiting process is fairly standard, so if you want to be more than just a standard recruiter, consider branching out from that process in any way that you can. Your success ultimately depends on the people you connect your clients with, and you can make sure that these connections are as strong as possible.

Don’t rule out the idea of meeting with the actual candidates face to face to get a better sense of who they are. Sponsor conferences in your specialty area, set up group meetings of people with shared skills, and simply try to get creative with the way you source talent. The better talent you provide, the more satisfied your clients are going to be.

  1. Look for Opportunities to Be Proactive

Don’t hesitate to reach out to clients for unrelated reasons if you can be of assistance. You will strengthen relationships between your clients and your recruitment agency by taking advantage of opportunities to be proactive, and there is really no telling what this might entail.

Maybe you have noticed that a new law has been established, and it somehow relates to the hiring of new employees. Consider calling up your client and letting him or her know of the change. People are generally very appreciative of these sorts of gestures, and it will be great for your business in the long run.