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Tips for buying a refrigerator

Do not make an impulse purchase! Follow these tips and choose a good refrigerator for your home.

Buying a soda display cooler is an important decision, which deserves to take time to evaluate some aspects. The objective is to acquire a product that is functional and that adapts to your needs, so you do not have to change it again soon. Here are some tips to buy a refrigerator, which could facilitate the process and help you choose better.


  • Size and capacity


The first purchase filter will be given by the space you have in your kitchen. Take the measures and do not forget to consider that you will have to allocate some place to open the refrigerator door. Most manufacturers warn that the ideal capacity for a family of 4 members is between 538 and 623 liters (19 and 22 cubic feet).


  • Needs


Once you know how much you have to measure approximately, decide how you would like it to be. Think about your eating habits and what you usually keep in the refrigerator. For example: if you live alone, you probably do not get to eat everything you cook, so having a large freezer could be crucial. Or, if you’re a vegetarian, you’ll want to have a large crate to store fruits and vegetables.


  • Efficiency


Some refrigerators have an energy efficient system and are identified with an ENERGY STAR label. Those models with freezer at the top use 10 to 25 percent less energy than those that include the ‘freezer’ below or to the side (doors ‘side-by-side’).


  • Chromed versus white


Undoubtedly, silver-colored appliances look very elegant and sophisticated. However, refrigerators that are coated with chrome-plated materials are more prone to scratching. To avoid this, do not place magnets on them and make sure that the door does not hit the wall when you open it.


  • Dispenser of water and ice


Surely this ‘feature’ attracts you. But you should know what it means: higher energy consumption, more maintenance costs (around $ 100 per year for replacing water filters, according to House Logic), and a higher selling price of the refrigerator and less storage space!


  • Investigate your options


Check the website, compare prices and suppliers. You can also use ‘blogs’ to find out what are the opinions of people who own the refrigerators that you like. Make a list of three options and try to see them personally.


  • Consider the guarantee


Repairing this type of household appliances can be expensive, so having a good technical service is key requirement. Ask the salespeople what faults the warranty covers and for how long.


  • Payment convenience


Once you have chosen the winner, look for discounts and payment facilities. When you buy it, be sure to check it carefully before taking it home. If everything is fine, you are ready to enjoy your new fridge, congratulations!