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5 technologies to incorporate into your restaurant

Are you looking for ways to make your restaurant more successful? People choose to eat in restaurants not just for the food, but for convenience. This means that customers want a fast service, especially with takeaways.

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The National Restaurant Association has shown that 32% of restaurant owners feel they don’t have enough technology in their establishments. Here are some technologies you can incorporate into your restaurant.

Take online orders

People want convenience and ordering online is much better than speaking on the phone. If you own a restaurant and offer takeaways, then consider enabling customers to complete their order via an app or website.

The benefit of taking orders online is that customers don’t feel pressured to complete their order quickly, so they often end up adding more to their basket. It’s more accurate than using a phone, as there’s no noise.

POS systems

Point of sale systems allow customers to complete their order quickly and 81% of restaurants use them. As technology increases, these systems are becoming more sophisticated. The idea is to offer convenience to customers.

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Many restaurants find they benefit from offering customers salads. It also encourages healthy eating and a Saladette Counter is popular in establishments. You can find them at places such as

Tabletop tablets

Tabletop tablets are an example of how sophisticated POS systems have become. The tablets allow customers to view a digital menu and customise their order. Some also have payment methods.

Not only does this mean that customers get their meal more quickly, it also shows them more options for their meal and gives them control over their order.

Loyalty programmes

Many restaurants offer some kind of loyalty programme, which usually comes in the form of a punch card. Apps and online software can create a superior loyalty programme by showing businesses their customer behaviours and trends. This means they can market their restaurant and offer a programme customers really appreciate.

Customers don’t have to worry about losing their loyalty cards and some apps even show you when a customer’s birthday is, so you can offer them an extra reward.

Email services

Email Service Providers (ESPs) enable you to create marketing emails that will appeal to your customers. You can market a new menu or promotional campaign.