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4 Benefits of Buying Ergonomic Office Desks

Due to the average person spending more than nine hours a day sitting down, it’s important to maximise employee comfort with ergonomic furniture. Ergonomics is the art of creating furniture items that conform comfortably to the body. The furniture is designed to alleviate stress and reduce the risk of injury, helping to keep employees healthy and well.

Ergonomic office desks are designed to be stood at while you work. Many modern versions are adjustable, allowing you to change the height of the desk and easily alternate between sitting and standing. Overall, an ergonomic office desk can improve one’s posture, health, productivity and engagement, as well as increasing levels of comfort. Read on to learn about the top four benefits of buying ergonomic office desks.

Improved Posture

An ergonomic office desk can drastically improve one’s musculoskeletal system. Sitting at a standard desk all day can put a strain on the body, causing discomfort and pain in the joints. However, an adjustable ergonomic office desk allows your body to align in the correct posture. Ensure your feet remain flat on the floor and your knees stay parallel to your hips. Your neck and shoulders should remain in a relaxed position to reduce the risk of cramps or stiffness, while your back should remain straight to support your spine and your hips should align with your shoulders.

Better Health

Someone that sits for more than six hours a day is more likely to experience a serious disease than someone who sits for less than three hours. Prolonged sitting can also lead to metabolic syndrome, which raises one’s blood pressure and increases body fat around the waist. Metabolic syndrome can also cause someone to have abnormal cholesterol levels. Using an ergonomic sit-stand office desk can have numerous benefits for a person’s health, including minimising the risk of serious conditions such as metabolic syndrome. A sit-stand office desk can also increase your ability to burn calories, tone muscles, increase blood flow and keep your metabolism running throughout the day.

Increased Productivity

Sitting at an office desk for extended periods of time can lead to a drop in productivity, resulting in high employee turnover, lower morale and increased absenteeism. A sit-stand office desk can reduce these risks and provide employees with the support they need to make the most of their working day. With an ergonomic desk, it’s much easier to stay comfortable and focused. After all, employees can’t perform at their best if they’re uncomfortable or in pain due to a poorly designed work desk.

Higher Level of Engagement

Pain and discomfort to your body can be distracting while you’re at work. Instead of engaging with other employees and building relationships with them, you’re more focused on getting rid of your body aches and pains. With an ergonomic office desk, you can minimise pain and devote your time to collaborating with your team. This makes it more likely that you’ll be present in your working day rather than wishing you were at home resting.

4 Essentials for Effective Office Storage

Office storage is vital for maintaining the organisation of a successful business. Without effective storage solutions, important files and information can be lost. This results in time being wasted looking for documents, decreasing the productivity of your business. For every office to run smoothly, efficient storage should be installed. Here are four essential office storage ideas to help you get started.


Offices have to deal with large volumes of paperwork that contain private information about the business and its clients and employees. For this reason, it’s important to safely store these files in cabinets that are secure yet easily accessible.

There are two main types of office storage cabinets: lateral and vertical filing cabinets. These can vary in size but typically offer the same benefits, helping to improve the everyday operations of an office. Storage and filing cabinets can hold large amounts of files without taking up too much floor space. They can also come with different types of locks that help keep confidential information safe and secure.

Filing Systems

Filing systems are crucial for organising large volumes of documents. When documents aren’t properly filed, an organisation’s activities can’t easily be controlled and counted. Documents that can be filed include letters, memos, financial records, reports and contracts. These documents should be filed alphabetically in categories, as this makes them more easily accessible.

Filing systems come in a range of office storage types, including archive boxes, box files and expanding files. To suit the needs of your office, there are also options available in different sizes and colours.


With today’s increased use of technology, lockers are becoming a popular office storage option. Providing security for valuable possessions like mobile phones and tablets, personal lockers with a single key offer peace of mind to individuals who might worry about the safety of their belongings while at work.

Furthermore, some employees work in rostered shifts. For example, newsrooms will have some reporters that work in the morning and others that work in the afternoon. This means desks can be shared amongst several people. Lockers make desk transitions easier, as employees can keep their personal belongings secure in one place. This reduces the hassle of having to shift their things every time they change desks.

Lockers can also provide a space for people to store their personal items like coats and scarves. This keeps desk areas clean and prevents any bags from being placed on the floor, minimising potential hazards.


Office storage needs to be efficient in order to increase the productivity of a business, and shelves are one of the most efficient storage solutions available, allowing for important documents and data to be stored and preserved for future reference. Businesses that can benefit most from office shelving include those in the legal and publishing industries. However, shelves can be huge office storage space savers for any workplace.

Available in a number of designs, colours and sizes, shelves can either be mounted on the wall or placed in a location of your choice. If your office has a staircase, shelves can also be placed underneath, maximising the space your office has to offer.