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How Restaurants Can Launch Effective Delivery Services

Demand for restaurant delivery continues to be on the rise. Is it necessary to launch a delivery service in order to build sales? This is the million-dollar question that most restaurant owners are currently grappling with.

Choosing between outsourcing and an in-house delivery system is an important consideration. The same is true when it comes to knowing the kind of questions to ask a prospective delivery service.

By getting the whole picture, you can have an easy time in the process of transitioning into delivery. It also ensures that your restaurant is adequately prepared for the transition process.

To effective launch delivery services, here’s what you need to do:

Practice Due Diligence

One of the mistakes most businesses in the restaurant space make is jumping into delivery without first learning its benefits and drawbacks. Remember that you need to take care of some logistics to enjoy the benefits of delivery. Most of the logistics involved are specific to each eatery.

Primarily, you need to establish ways to ensure your foods will not lose anything in transition. Ensure that that food quality is maintained during the whole process. The most notable benefit of delivery is the fact that it adds an extra revenue stream to your business by creating virtual tables. This is especially true if you own a smaller restaurant but can handle bigger demand.

Secondly, delivery keeps businesses steady during the inclement weather periods. It can offer your restaurant exposure by effortlessly boosting online traffic.

To Outsource or Deliver In-house?

Whether performing it in-house or outsourcing your delivery to a 3rd party, adding delivery brings a high level of sophistication to your overall operations. By adding that volume and complexity, there are plenty of other logistics which you certainly need to take into account.

For instance, if you opt to deliver in-house, it’s prudent to figure out all the labor costs involved. What’s more is that you must evaluate the additional staff you’ll require and whether to hire them as independent contractors or hourly.

Delivery in-house also means you must add insurance depending on the transportation strategies your restaurant utilizes, whether it involves a bike, a car, or any other.

Adequately Prepare Your Restaurant

Once you confirm the decision to handle deliveries, make sure that the systems at your restaurant are ready for any form of adjustment. For example, food must arrive hot, containers spill-proof and cold food/beverages cold.

Additionally, delivery packages must have branding on them. It’s wise to put another menu on the packaging. By doing that, when a client opens their order, they’ll see the menu and use it to make an order the next time they’re in need of food. In addition to serving your clients food, you also serve them convenience.

The rule of thumb is to maintain consistency.


After several years of flat traffic numbers and declining sales, the restaurant industry is scrambling to find lasting solutions. Many experts in the industry are hailing delivery services are the hope for redemption.

The above three tips will help you effectively launch your restaurant delivery services.