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What can your business do to stay on top of their finances?

Running a business can be difficult and sometimes things don’t quite go the way we expect them to. However, despite how unpredictable the business world can be, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be prepared. If you want to ensure that you and your business can stay on top of your finances, here are some tips:

Have more than one plan

You should always go into your business with a plan and this plan can be broken down into smaller and more manageable plans. Set realistic goals for your business to achieve in the future and keep track on the progress you make as you work towards those goals. However, back up plans are just as important as aspirations. If things don’t go according to your first plan you should know what to do to minimise damage and get back on track. The more you plan the more prepared you’ll be for the future.

Keep a close eye on things

An inexperienced business owner might not realise how important it is to keep tracking of the movement of your money. As long as you keep your finances well organised and regularly assess your cash flow you can cut costs intelligently if you have to and track any changes in the performance of your business. Online banking is one great way to keep on top of yor finances and downloading banking apps allows you to monitor your business even when you’re away from your desk.

Keep personal and professional separate

You might be tempted to chip in a bit f your own money to make it to the end of the month but that is something you shouldn’t do. A lot of small businesses fall into this type of trap. It can lead to confusion in the future and turn into a bad habit that might end up being the end f your business. By keeping your money and your business’s money separate you’ll find it a lot easier to monitor and organise expenses and tax deductions.

Ask for help if you need it

A business is a big responsibility to handle alone. Whether you like it or not, there are going to be certain fields of knowledge that you don’t have a complete grasp of and that’s perfectly normal. So, if you’re having difficulty calculating your tax deductibles, distributing your income or are in need of a CVA then it’s better to bite the bullet and ask for help than wait for things to get worse. The earlier you make the decision the less likely your business will be affected.

Don’t ignore financial obligations

This refers to both your financial obligations and the obligations of other people. Missing your tax or VAT deadlines could end up putting you in more debt than you might already be. The interest on these types of fines can build up quickly and at frightening rates, so keep track of deadlines and expenses. At the same time, you should expect the same sort of behaviour from other people. If you loaned money to someone with the understanding that they would pay you back, don’t allow them to shirk their responsibility. It’s up to you to chase up any outstanding debts, no matter how uncomfortable it might be.

Every organization must have a perfect marketing strategy

Every business organization must know about marketing. Marketing is a group of activity that helps to promote a business, meets the customers’ demand, and helps to know the competitors and more. According to management courses, there are 4 types of marketing, such as product, price, place, and promotion. In this case, promotional activities play an important role to earn a profit and run a successful business. The different organization applies different types of promotional activities. This is also known as the marketing strategy. Gift coupon, buy 1 get 1 free offer, advertisement, etc., these are the different types of marketing strategy to gain more customers. A good customer relationship can be a very good marketing strategy. After all, a Word of mouth matters a lot.

Digital marketing: –

Various types of marketing strategies are there, such as inbound marketing, outbound marketing, direct marketing, digital marketing, etc. This is the age of digitalization. So, every company prefers to go for a digital marketing strategy. SMS marketing, online marketing, TV & radio advertisement are the mediator of digital marketing. In this case, the online marketing is the best way to promote business and reach the customer quickly. If you are in Malaysia and looking for the best agency that deal with digital marketing Malaysia, then it is not a tough job at all.

Online marketing: –

The Internet marketing and the online marketing are the same concepts. The Internet connection is one of the best inventions and this is very much helpful to connect lots of people across the world. That is why, online marketing is one of the best procedure of promoting a new business, new brand, new product to the customers. The Web marketing, email marketing and social media marketing are the various types of online marketing strategy. Nowadays, the Search Engine optimization (SEO) is increasing rapidly in all over the world. This is a kind of online marketing strategy. Any organization, from Malaysia may search internet Marketing Malaysia and find the best SEO service provider at that place.

A small discussion about a few online marketing strategies:-

The Search Engine optimization: –

Different SEO service providers use different types of technology and help to promote a business. For example, Link building, content writing, keyword replacement, dictionary submission, etc.

Email marketing: –

In this case, a customer will come to know about the company, product, and promotional activity through email. For example, the company may send a gift coupon or a confidential code via email.

Social media marketing: –

This is the age of networking and social media networking sites are becoming very popular. In this case, an organization can easily start advertising about its product and service among every popular site.

So, we can find a promotional strategy is a must for every business. When you are looking for professional Online Marketing Malaysia agency, then you can get a long list. An organization should select a perfect promotional plan to promote a business and earn a huge profit.

Lead like Richard Branson

There has never been anything conventional about Sir Richard Branson’s style of building businesses or leadership qualities. He learnt everything he knows from experience, having left school with very few qualifications at the age of 16. Three years later he started Virgin, and by the age of 24, he was a millionaire. He has never shied away from risk taking, and his whole business life has fashioned him into a unique entrepreneur and a leader that is second to none.

It is impossible to build real business success without having leadership skills, and Branson has them in abundance. Here are just a few that separate him from the best of the rest.

The ability to see things in a different way to others

A famous Branson quote emphasised that leadership did not have a secret formula. He went on to add that true leadership quality is about going about things in your own way. If you can ‘think outside the box,’ then you are starting to be a leader and not a sheep. A leader should not have any traces of the ‘herd instinct’ about his persona and Branson certainly hasn’t.

His style of leadership is democratic and collaborative. This obviously suits his personality. Another leader like Apple’s Steve Jobs is autocratic, which suits his personality. Both systems will ultimately work, though you don’t necessarily need to agree with either of them. Branson is a champion for having no ‘set formula.’ You chose a style that optimises your skills and the talent that you have under you.

The ability to spot the right people

Branson is a champion at locating people with talent and then getting the best out of them. He believes that nobody can be successful on their own and that it is impossible to be a great leader if you don’t have great people to lead. It is this eye for talent that makes him a fantastic manager.

Creating a positive company culture

Sir Richard doesn’t think that having the top qualifications is the only thing to look for when choosing departmental and company chiefs. His ‘personality before CV,’ approach, though, sometimes not successful, has been one of his trademarks. The fact that he will always give somebody who has failed, a second chance breeds trust among employees, and this is a valuable commodity to have down the line of command in a business operation.


Delegation is not a science it is an art form, and Branson believes in this wholeheartedly. Finding the best people possible and putting them in positions, where they can thrive has been the hallmark of Virgin’s success. In Branson’s mindset, however, delegation means what it says, and he allows his management team to grow. He considers himself to be like a gardener who nurtures his crops and encourages growth rather than stifles it.

Listen before opening your mouth

A trademark of the founder of Virgin is that he is a great listener. He still has a childlike quality of wanting to learn new things. In his opinion, a leader should not only encourage and inspire but must also be encouraged and inspired by his staff.


Getting to know his team and being visible is another Branson trademark. If you are seen a lot by the people you work with, then they will identify with you as part of the team and not as some iconic figure that sits aloof in a big office that is far removed from the sharp end of the business.

Decision Making

Branson believes in open discussion and the democratic approach to leadership. He also knows when the talk should finish and when a decision needs to be made. Virgin’s leader will get his hands ‘dirty’ and innovates and discusses but doesn’t shy away from making the final decision. There is a balance between giving staff power and key leadership decision making.

Branson believes that a decision once made, should not be dwelt on. It is critical to move on after a mistake and not be afraid to take on the next challenge.

Small details are imperative

The art of being a great leader is to make sure that you get the little details right. By encouraging a company culture of attention to detail, you are encouraging success. The success of Sir Richard Branson speaks for itself.

Never let the passion die

Having a passion for your job is infectious, and a leader needs to pass that passion down the line of command to the last member of the team. Branson has always succeeded in doing this so that every employee feels part of a team and ‘on message.’

Anybody that wants to be a successful leader needs to examine the above points carefully and consider, which of these skills they already have, and which they need to acquire.

Internet scamming and affiliate marketing

With the increasing amount of internet users, people tend to do everything on social media. They try to sell their product there, buy from that place and by doing all such stuff they are going more into the booby trap of internet. When people are trying their luck on internet marketing and they are going to get a good business life, people are promising them positive ways of earning money from internet. Several internet gurus are there that are trying their hands on these people and thus internet scam is a popular thing these days.

Types of internet scamming

Lots of internet scamming are taking place these days. You may buy a small thing or service from a small company and after the transaction is over, the company sells your information to another company. Now the new company will force you to buy new products or they will sell your details to a business mentor. Who will give you lustrous offer and if you respond, you are trapped! This is a part of internet scam. The person will tell you that he will guide you to make good money out of this thing called internet and will give you tips on Internet Branding This is nothing but the way of losing money for nothing! They will snatch the money out of you.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is something that counts most of the internet scams these days. People will hire you for selling their products on their behalf and when it comes to paying your money, they are not going to pay you back! The system is like a pyramid and once you are in, it is tough to get out of it. There are lots of people into it and fooling a new person is not that tough for them! The process is that you buy or use a product, you find it useful and finally you recommend it to someone else and you earn a certain some of money for the task. But in several cases, the owner of the mother product does not pay money.

Selling products for free

Some people offer you their products for free and they ask you pay the shipping charges. Suppose a seller is selling books and she wants to become the top selling author and for doing that she sells the books for free! Actually some of these books are a part of her promotional ideas, so they are actually comes for free. In case of the rest of the books, she fixes the shipping charges in such a way that it covers the publishing amount of the book. So this way of Viral Marketing is nothing but a hoax! So when someone is coming up with such an offer, try to know the intention behind it!

Business Event Planning Catering Checklist

Whether it is a simple luncheon or the grand launch of your clients in the business world, we all want to give them the best catering experience. Making their event even more perfect with good food and service is a way of giving back to the trust they have given you. Aside from being alert and passionate in catering, having a checklist of the things you need for the business event is the way to go.

Food and Beverage

Everyone expects the food provided by caterers to be delicious. In the first place, the food you serve may have been the reason why these business clients chose you. Impress them by setting a date for free tasting and immediately take note of allergies that guests may have. This shows that you value them more than the profit. Then ask if the catering is buffet, seated or pass around. Set the menu as details are clear. Write down all the needed ingredients for each dish to avoid running to the nearest grocery to buy on the event day itself. Be sure to clarify the event start time and the food serving time.

About the beverage, ask the client’s preferences also. Basics for the coffee service are airport, packets of sugar, coffee cups, drink stirrers and napkins. Put water cups or glasses beside water dispensers or water pitchers. Prepare ice, ice tubs and drinking straws for the other cold drinks.

Equipment and Transportation

Having set up all the food and beverage needs, you must bear in mind that catering is not all about these. How food and drinks are served is another factor. To provide the best catering in terms of food and presentation, equipment used and transportation utilized are crucial. Chafing dishes, serving trays, serving spoons and tongs, plates, utensils, water and/or wine glasses, and pitchers are always needed. You will also need tablecloths, centerpieces, rugs, mops, garbage bags, plastic gloves and hand sanitizers. Cleaning supplies are as important as the serving equipment. Same goes with the means of transportation: you must possess a vehicle large enough to fit all the stuff you have to bring. Check the temperature control also to avoid food spoilage.

Guests, Crew and Tasks

Everything will be impossible without the people. Guests are there to be a source of inspiration to serve them well. The whole team of waiters, chefs, assistants, drivers and janitors is much needed in making everything work. Everyone must keep calm despite the stress and pressure, so that he/she can deliver with no mistakes at all. As the manager or team leader, do not be afraid to ask for help from your crew members. Delegate tasks equally and make sure you have every single detail printed out to avoid confusion.

If you have successfully ticked off all items mentioned in your business event catering service, you are a success, too. Expect compliments from the guests especially if you have delivered well. Good job, folks!

Ryan Davis is the owner of Argyle Catering the best company for catering Jefferson City, MO has to offer.