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Business Event Planning Catering Checklist

Whether it is a simple luncheon or the grand launch of your clients in the business world, we all want to give them the best catering experience. Making their event even more perfect with good food and service is a way of giving back to the trust they have given you. Aside from being alert and passionate in catering, having a checklist of the things you need for the business event is the way to go.

Food and Beverage

Everyone expects the food provided by caterers to be delicious. In the first place, the food you serve may have been the reason why these business clients chose you. Impress them by setting a date for free tasting and immediately take note of allergies that guests may have. This shows that you value them more than the profit. Then ask if the catering is buffet, seated or pass around. Set the menu as details are clear. Write down all the needed ingredients for each dish to avoid running to the nearest grocery to buy on the event day itself. Be sure to clarify the event start time and the food serving time.

About the beverage, ask the client’s preferences also. Basics for the coffee service are airport, packets of sugar, coffee cups, drink stirrers and napkins. Put water cups or glasses beside water dispensers or water pitchers. Prepare ice, ice tubs and drinking straws for the other cold drinks.

Equipment and Transportation

Having set up all the food and beverage needs, you must bear in mind that catering is not all about these. How food and drinks are served is another factor. To provide the best catering in terms of food and presentation, equipment used and transportation utilized are crucial. Chafing dishes, serving trays, serving spoons and tongs, plates, utensils, water and/or wine glasses, and pitchers are always needed. You will also need tablecloths, centerpieces, rugs, mops, garbage bags, plastic gloves and hand sanitizers. Cleaning supplies are as important as the serving equipment. Same goes with the means of transportation: you must possess a vehicle large enough to fit all the stuff you have to bring. Check the temperature control also to avoid food spoilage.

Guests, Crew and Tasks

Everything will be impossible without the people. Guests are there to be a source of inspiration to serve them well. The whole team of waiters, chefs, assistants, drivers and janitors is much needed in making everything work. Everyone must keep calm despite the stress and pressure, so that he/she can deliver with no mistakes at all. As the manager or team leader, do not be afraid to ask for help from your crew members. Delegate tasks equally and make sure you have every single detail printed out to avoid confusion.

If you have successfully ticked off all items mentioned in your business event catering service, you are a success, too. Expect compliments from the guests especially if you have delivered well. Good job, folks!

Ryan Davis is the owner of Argyle Catering the best company for catering Jefferson City, MO has to offer.